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This is where I write something about supply chain. Right now it sounds awful and boring and maybe confusing. My mission is to make it meaningful. There’s so much value in a good supply chain. So many of the products you use, everyday, RIGHT NOW, have a wild and crazy supply chain behind them. You would be, scratch that, you WILL BE amazed once you see. Let me show you the supply chains behind everything, everywhere. There are stories, tragic and funny, within your supply chains. That’s right, they are YOUR supply chains. That’s your phone, right? That’s your shirt or blouse you’re wearing (I hope.) The supply chains that brought you those things are YOUR supply chains. Own them. You handed over hard-earned money for that canvas with words at the home decor store. It has a long, interesting supply chain behind it. A story. A story YOU wrote with your money. It wouldn’t exist without your exchange of value. Dollars for words on your wall. You need a canvas with “Believe” or “Love” on your wall. Great. You exchanged money for that and it was executed by the supply chain. You get this from a store or online, and that’s it. Sit it on the floor for 2 weeks while you find the perfect spot, hang it, and enjoy reading it every time you pass by. Hey, I can’t judge. Reading IS fundamental after all. That canvas has so much more to say, although “Love” is a pretty awesome message. This canvas would tell you about the pieces that go into it, where it’s been, who has handled it. The idea “If these walls could talk” has NOTHING on “If these goods could talk.” Let me introduce you to these supply chains. Let’s learn their stories together. Let’s figure out how they can be “better.” What is “better”? Let’s agree together. Let’s go.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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