Get after it…

MK Clock 1
“Clock” by Mackenzie

“No time to dilly-dally, come along now!” Was that Mary Poppins? Any way, time is ticking right towards massive change in supply chain management. Heard of Industry 4.0? Look it up; it’s a huge change in how we source, make, and deliver stuff. Machines are learning things themselves, robots are being more autonomous, and sensors are attaching to everything to send data our way in droves. What does this mean? Well, we have opportunity to get on the train and be “early” to the destination. This destination is a place of promise and new efficiency + effectiveness. That’s right, we CAN save money and be better at the same time. Let’s make sure we’re open to these new developments and start working on them now…

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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