What’s your M.O. …

Motivate 4 (What's you MO)

So, what are you doing in supply chain? You paying the bills? I get it. That’s cool. Anyone trying to change? If you’re fed-up with how most supply chains operate (by design!) then listen up:  you gotta figure out your M.O. “Modus operandi” is pretty much the way you work, your habits, what drives you. This can apply to all of us, especially me, in that if we’re not already pushing for change then it’s because we got no reason to! Let’s establish an M.O. for supply chain improvement. No, not “better forecasting” or “lean production methods.” YES, those things absolutely are imperative. We can fill a void with compassion. Empathy. Understanding. Supply chain is chock-full of the folks to do the demand planning and value stream mapping. Our supply chains need heart. There is a glaring need for soft skills and a drive to get supply chains back to the customer. Make it your M.O. Go into the office Monday, heck, fire up your laptop now. Thank the last person that sent you something. Touch-base with someone you have worked with in a few months. Ask that Sales Manager if he ever got the ETA he was looking for on Tuesday. Show some compassion and it will snowball. Next thing you know, you’ll be tripping over yourself to know what the customer thinks. Next thing you know, your M.O. will be the customer. Go do.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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