Fight the rising odds…


Stop and go listen to right now. I’ll wait. … How awesome was that?!? Listen, we’ve been comfortable in supply chain as the cost center for too long. It makes sense, though. Industrial Revolution means we can automate and streamline production of stuff, and, if we want to profit more we just do production for cheaper. Easy-peasy!! I can’t blame a soul for this approach until, say the turn of the millennium. At that point, the writing was on the wall that the production and delivery activities (supply chain) could be handled very sophisticatedly AND we had lots of data to make great insights. But alas, we mostly plugged along trying to be cheaper and easier. A “necessary evil.” It’s time we need a hero! Someone to fight the rising odds that supply chain will forever be squeezed into nothing. You try it:  next week, think about how your activity in supply chain can please a customer or account manager. I know they can be rascals, but, they pay the bills. Do one thing that surprises them and scares you. Go do. If it works, repeat. Be the hero. “Oooh-ooohh, ahhh, ahhhhh….” If you didn’t listen to that song you didn’t get that last part and it’s YOUR FAULT.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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