How does that happen…?

Customer Focus 5

Ever looked through a cardboard tube, like in the picture? Go try it, I’ll wait … Interesting, no? For me, it has always seemed like what I see on the other end is “closer” for some reason. Maybe there’s some science behind it that I don’t know about, but, obviously there’s nothing real that is making the image closer like mirrors or whatever is in binoculars. I think the reason that effect happens is because you are focused on just that one point in front of you. Everything else is blocked out. It’s a different kind of focus. Maybe a focus that only comes from nothing else distracting from that one point. Addition by subtraction, maybe? Think about your supply chain organization, and what you are working towards.

Is it inventory reduction?

Is it freight savings?

Is it higher service levels?

I’m sure a resounding “YES” is the most appropriate answer for most of us… To make a real impact, you need to block out the noise. Take that cardboard tube, focus on the one point that matters, and hone in on it. Just think about the time spent throughout the day with trivial tasks (you’d be shocked by knowing how much time there is to do important work) and re-allocate that time to what you see at the other end of the tube.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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