You got the Price right…?

5LL Price 1

That’s a serious look. He’s probably wondering the same thing I am when I talk to people about speaking the right love language to their customers:  “Are you sure you got that right???” Or maybe it’s “You’ve got to be kidding me??!?” In any case, let’s keep talking about the customer love languages. Up today:  Price. Customers talking Price are very concerned with how much they pay for your products. Maybe this is a commodity business, or maybe it is ultra-competitive for them and they need to ensure they can keep a certain level of sales through low-pricing. Margin improvement may be another reason, wherein the customer could pay more but wants a lower price to keep margins in-tact, for whatever reason. There could be tons of reasons, actually, and only these come immediately to mind.

You gotta ask:  “What matters to YOU?” Know this stuff! Ask your customers what they care about, and, if it’s price:  “What does that mean to you?” Ask multiple people in the customer organization, if necessary. Know things. Do things. Be better.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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