What is Quality…?

Quality 1

What does “Quality” mean to you? I’ll go first:  Quality always meant that the product was free from defects, that is, a “Quality” department worked real hard to ensure that no products left our company with any defects. That’s it! Now, you go. Really, think about it. Write it down, tell someone near you, whatever. “What is Quality?”

This is back to our love language series of posts. Up next, we need to talk about Quality. I will not show you some fancy institute of quality and their definition. I’m sure it’s wonderful and perfect and we love it for a lot of uses. The awesome thing here is there is no wrong answer. How ’bout that?? The customer gets to dictate what “Quality” is and you get to understand it and adjust (if you want to keep and grow business.)

Customers talking Quality need assurance that your products going into their processes meet a certain standard. That standard could be viscosity that needs a certain value to not clog up their production line. That standard could be related to their ability to advertise a certain way and keep a competitive advantage because their end product is “better/faster/stronger” than the rest of the market, thanks to your products’ Quality level. “Who knows” what Quality can mean for any given customer. You just need to be aware of what customers have that love language and work it out so you’re not left behind.

Author: Brandon Drury

Making supply chains better

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